An important part of life in the Goebenstift is self-government. The foundation of this self-government is the convent, during which all residents of the Goebenstift assemble to make important decisions about the way of living together.
The majority of residents occupy an honorary post, these posts are usually reelected once per semester at the convents. They may include finances, maintenance jobs or public relations amongst others (see list below). This is not only important for the self-governance but also offers the possibility for the personal development of the residents.
Even though life in the Goebenstift is largely shaped by the honorary posts, the commitment of the entire community is essential. House cleaning and gardening are instances where the entire community is required to take part. Regular house parties and devotionals are also organized by the residents and are an inherent part of community life. There are also no limits to one's own initiative - people regularly meet up for an assortment of activities in what are called "Arbeitskreise" (study or work groups). Thus, the Goebenstift is being shaped first and foremost by the personal engagement of the people who have lived and studied in it for more than 40 years.

The honorary posts in the Goebenstift are the following:
- Seniorat (house administration and oversight)
- Supervisor of Temporary Room Rental
- Finances
- House Maintenance
- Fire Safety
- Cleaning
- Gardening
- Library and Mailroom
- Devotional Organizers
- "Weinkeller" (party room)
- Internet and Public Relations


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