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  • Holiday Rental

    The Goebenstift offers rooms for subletting if residents are not there at the moment and make their room available. In addition, we have a guest room that can be used for interim rent.

    If you are looking for a room in Bonn for a few days or weeks, for example for an internship, an intensive course, a short holiday or a visit to your great aunt, you can ask for a holiday room at the Goebenstift. Here you won’t be living in an anonymous, purpose-built flat-share, but will have the opportunity to meet nice people and make contacts.

    Rental prices and deposit

    Rooms cost between 12,50€ and 16,00€ per night depending on size and 10€ for our guest room. In addition, each additional person costs 5€ per night. Furthermore, the room rates increase by 2€ per night for a stay of less than 7 days. For a stay of more than six days or one week, an additional deposit of 50€ per week or part thereof will be charged, which will be refunded at the end of the stay. This amounts to a maximum of 400€. Unfortunately, the Goebenstift is not barrier-free.

    Room category1 person (< 6 days)1 person (> 6 days)e.g. 2 persons (> 6 days)
    A14,50€ / night12,50€ / night17,50€ / night
    B15,50€ / night13,50€ / night18,50€ / night
    C16,00€ / night14,00€ / night19,00€ / night
    D17,50€ / night15,50€ / night20,50€ / night
    E18,50€ / night16,50€ / night21,50€ / night
    Guest room12,00€ / night10,00€ / night15,00€ / night

    Was bekomme ich?

    All rented rooms are partially furnished and offer at least one bed, a shelf, a desk with chair, and a washbasin with mirror. The toilets and showers are in the corridor and are shared by the entire floor (between three and ten people). Furthermore, each floor has a fully equipped kitchen with food storage facilities and a fridge compartment. Every guest can use the WLAN as well as the washing machines in the basement (1,50€ per wash).

    If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the person responsible for holiday rentals at

    We are looking forward to seeing you!